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Project LION is a joint DAO effort from talentDAO and LabDAO to build AI systems for deploying adaptive community-trained intelligent agents that simulate the language and communication patterns of complex human systems.

By leveraging transformers – the same neural network architecture used to train OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 and GPT-3 – LION will build on classical approaches to language and communication analysis through the lens of a single, intelligent system. All, in the spirit of open source.

The first version of LION will build a pipeline from Discord to model training that allows the user to simulate their organization as a Digital Twin, for which they can communicate with like a chatbot.

Future iterations of LION will include the analysis of language and communication networks for both real and simulated datasets. We believe this approach to simulated communication will unlock new ways to analyze data and conduct scientific research in the area of organizational communication and language.

What is LION?

L.I.O.N is an acronym for linguistic informatics for organizational networks.

The LION system intends to be both a bridge for communication data extraction [starting with Discord] and data processing pipeline for model training and deployment.

It is built on the concepts of Organizational Network Analysis [ONA] and Natural Language Processing [NLP] as approaches to modeling communication networks within an organization. Like social network analysis, ONA produces a graph that visualizes and measures the strength of relationships between human nodes. It can help model the interactions between an organization’s members and predict burnout from measures like collaborative overload. Together with NLP tools like spaCy and empath, they have uncovered psychometrics like engagement, turnover intent, and cultural fit.

Project LION experiments with taking this idea to the next level: developing adaptive community-trained intelligent agents that can simulate the language and communication patterns of complex human systems.

Project Details

We’ll begin by building the bridge from Discord to data processing and model training. The first version of LION will be a way to simulate your own DAOs discord server!

Because simulating communication data in this way could unlock new ways of analyzing it, an important step in building LION is validation. There are several areas we intend to validate in the form of unit tests, but as we explore the technology and learn throughout its development, we expect these to evolve:

If these can be validated, Project Lion may not only change the way organizations assess their health in the practical setting, but open the doors to a brand new method of in silico organizational science research.

Project team

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