we're building AI simulated organizations.

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Project LION is a joint DAO effort from talentDAO and LabDAO to build open source AI tools for DAO operations.

What is LION?

L.I.O.N is an acronym for linguistic informatics for organizational networks.

We initially intended for LION to be a system to that could help analyze community health. Recent developments in AI have caused us to shift focus. Our lionOS repo first tackled some of our initial goals with assessing community health from discord data. Now we want to incorporate this into our next project: Leo.

What is Leo?

Leo is a discord bot [2] powered by GPT-4 that can absorb knowledge about your DAO. Leo can answer questions about your DAO, help onboard knew users, help you think through ideas, and write content for you. These are just some of what Leo is able to do today.

We intend to continue building more features into Leo over the next several months and onward. Specifically we’re interested in making Leo a customizable agent for your DAO able to execute a wide variety of tasks autonomously, helping DAOs stay true to their name.

The best part about Leo is that it’s open source, anyone can contribute or fork Leo to customize it for their own DAO. Grant funds will be used to reward those who make Leo better – bounties for meaningful open-source contributions to the project. Here are some examples of features we’d like help building:

This is how we build a truly democratized AI assistant for web3 communities. Join us.

Project Leads

Stanley Bishop - AI Systems Architect, labDAO, @sciencestanley Kenneth Francis - Data Science Lead, talentDAO, @k3nnethfrancis